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Time to dump out Hollywood's trick-or-treating pillowcase and see who greedily snapped up the most box office candy:

1. Saw II—$30.5 million
It's almost crass to open a horror movie on Halloween weekend. Think about cynical it would have looked if Paramount held off releasing The Weather Man until Mopey Bastard Day just to scrape up some easy money at the box office. Nicolas Cage and The New 'Mount can hold their heads high with pride, secure in the knowledge that they earned every dollar of their sixth place, $4.3 million bow without a cheap, seasonal gimmick.

2. The Legend of Zorro—$16.5 million
Maybe marketers at Sony could've stolen some of Saw 2's Halloween-related thunder and made more of the fact that star Catherine Zeta Jones is married to the Crypt Keeper. The thought of what Michael Douglas would look like if someone yanked out one of his facelift stitches is certainly far more grisly than anything a splatter flick could hope to offer.

3. Prime—$6.4 million
Fun with casting budgets: After landing Meryl Streep and Uma Thurman as your leads, you have enough money left over to either a) rewrite your romantic comedy as an intergenerational lesbian love story, or b) get the guy from Unscripted to work for meal money. Seems likes such an easy choice, yet moviegoers got Bryan Greenberg instead of Meryl and Uma engaging in a tasteful, but decidedly hot, exploration of their forbidden desires.

4. Dreamer: Inspired By A True Story—$6.3 million
It might seem like we've been picking on Dakota Fanning lately, but we're just trying to earn her respect. Fanning won't countenance sycophants; if you don't give her a little sass once in a while, she'll shiv you in the back of your knees when she sees you at the next premiere party.

5. Wallace and Gromit—$4.4 million
Your disturbing image for the day: Gromit bending (sixth place) Nicolas Cage over a clay log, whispering in his ear that nobody even remembers that National Treasure was a hit.