• Despite Pentagon plea, newspapers realize that 2,000th Iraq death really is new. [NYT]
• Sean McManus, president of CBS Sports, is still the new president of CBS News. He's Jim McKay's son, and one day last week he thought that Harriet Miers was a bigger news story than the White Sox. [NYT]
• Meanwhile, in a CBS men's room, Mike Wallace and Dan Rather engage in a pissing match. [Radar]
• Tim Russert is a pivotal witness in Libby case while also being, well, Tim Russert. [NYT]
• New Teen People is already Majewski-fied, although the former Us Weekly resdesign doesn't technically hit till February.
• Biz magazines are in trou-ble. [Mediabweek]
• Martha Stewart wants a job at Martha Stewart. [NYP]
Newsweek's Tom Masland obituary: "Then Tom stepped off that curb, and was hit by the offside mirror on a passing SUV; a freak collision on a rainy night that propelled him to the ground and caused massive brain damage. ... Thomas Wootton Masland died in intensive care at St. Luke's Hospital three days later, on Oct. 27, with his sons, Richard, Robert and James, his mother, brother and two sisters by his side, as Gina [his wife, a jazz singer] sang 'When the Saints Go Marching In.'" [Newsweek]