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When we first saw a Cool Hunter item headlined "The Anna Wintour Mug," we got terribly excited, expecting one of those ceramic Royal Doulton souvenir things, a vessel shaped like a caricature of some famous person's head, from which you may then glibly drink the beverage of your choice.

We imagined how the prim bob cut would create a generous goblet, capable of holding many ounces of liquid refreshment, and then we started determining the proper libation with which to fill it. Some froofy Starbucks concoction, perhaps? Something feminine and sexy, like a cosmoplitan, say, or older-school, like a martini? Perhaps the best bet, we realized, was just some designer water — Fiji, maybe, or Acqua Panna.

Then we discovered we had it all wrong: The Anna Wintour mug allows you to specify your coffee reqest, ensuring thay need not even deign to speak to your assistant while sending her for your morning java. Which was sort of sad, at first. But, on further reflection, we realized that in some ways — like if we had an assistant — this is even cooler.

The Anna Wintour Mug [The Cool Hunter]
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