• In new VF, producer Mary Mapes tells her side of Memogate. We can't bring ourselves to read it; perhaps you can. [VF (pdf)]
• In war over unauthorized Donald Trump bio, author calls subject a cartoon character; Trump replies by proving the point. [NYP]
• CBS News White House reporter John Roberts didn't really mean any sexual innuendo when he called Judge Sam Alito "sloppy seconds." We never would have figured that out if Public Eye didn't get to the bottom of it for us. [Public Eye]
Reader's Digest chairman and CEO retires, looks forward to actually being old enough to read the magazine. [Folio:]
• Steve Case finally leaves TWX board; even so, stock still trading in upper teens. [AP via NYT]
• "Jeff Gannon" reappears, now as a columnist in the gay press. Shockingly, some gays react bitchily. [E&P]