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Little new Judy Miller news today — she's still a Times employee, she's still not actually going in to work, she still doesn't have a book deal — except for yet another nail in the coffin, this time from L.A. Times house leftie Bob Scheer, who, in a neat rhetorical trick, blames Miller for John Kerry's presidential loss. But it's more than that; he just kind of hates Miller — her "theatrics," that she "cared far more about protecting someone who abused his power ... than about protecting the right of Wilson to speak truth to power." He, clearly would like to see her gone, too.

But when? There's been nothing this front for days. We — and that's the general we of all Times readers, not the royal we of the two Gawker editors — need to know. Sherman and Schneider-Mayerson, we're looking at you. Hagan? Mnookin, even?

Don't make us have to go and do some real reporting on this. We're entirely unqualified, and somebody'd end up getting hurt.