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Wonky sis considerately provided a link to a Google-cached version of young Alito's bio at the Colgate Forum, and we suspect we've discovered another clue that the collegian in question might not actually be the son of the Supreme Court nominee. Young Alito opens his bio thus:

First, God made the heavens and earth. Then came Arby's, followed shortly by Carl Jr. and other inferior brands of fast food.

That he is a connoisseur of fast food is not a problem. (In fact, it, once again, redounds to his — and his father's — benefit, in our opinions.) The problem, however, is which fast food he prefers. Best we can tell from profiles of his father, Phil Alito was born and raised in West Caldwell, N.J. And we can assure you — speaking with some experience — that no one from Essex County, N.J., would ever cite Arby's and Carl's Jr. as their favorite fast-food spots. Jimmy Buff's and White Castle, maybe. Hot dogs at Stewarts and sloppy joes, maybe. Hell, even McDonald's and Burger King are plausible.

But here's the thing: There is no Carl's Jr. in New Jersey. (And almost no Arby's.)

The Forum [, cached]
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