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As part of Today's "Mysterious Faiths" series, this morning Katie Couric interviewed Jamie Green, a representative of the LA-based Kabbalah Centre. And not unlike a perky Rottweiler with a gristly T-bone in its maw, there was one question Katie would not let the shul's shill hora around through vague references to "coming into the light" and "universal wisdoms." Namely, who is pocketing the 26 bucks they collect per red-string bracelet sold? His answer was ready. And long:

The string is not just red wool from the factory. It actually is taken to the West Bank, to the Tomb of Rachel, which is Palestine-operated. You have to take an armored bus and go in there with soldiers. It's a very dangerous area. And the string is actually blessed with students from the center in Israel. And there's meditations that we use to infuse the energy protection that comes from Rachel's tomb.

Warzones! Tombs! This red, inanimate object goes on an even more adventurous journey than The Red Balloon! By the time that little strand gets back to our shores, it doesn't just ward off evil-eye, it Krav Magas the crap out of it!