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Keith Kelly reports today that the always-popular Wenner Media has abandoned plans to launch a second celebrity magazine, presumably because Us Weekly didn't have the energy to baby-sit a little sister. Overseeing the magazine was part of Us EIC Janice Min's new $1.2 million contract — will Jann have to pry the related compensation from Min's cold, dead hands? Or will he be too busy play-editing Men's Journal to take care of financial housekeeping?

Seeing as the English language is capable of only so many variations of Vaughniston cover headlines, we have to think this is a sign of better times to come. After a long, miserable wait, perhaps the celebrity magazine bubble is about to burst, or at least come to a standstill — which is still somewhat of a godsend.

Ultimately, the death of a celeb rag before it even hits the stands is a very interesting, lovely thing. Oh, if only Bauer publishing had been capable of such mercy...

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