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Hey, so remember last week when everyone said Judy Miller was on her way out of the Times? Well, hold up there, cowboy, because the winds they are a-shiftin'. As of today: Judy's back!

• Arianna Huffington, that partyin' Peloponnesian, says she's hearing that Judy will stay put on 43rd Street. "[S]ources tell me," Arianna huffed yesterday afternoon, "that the melodrama has taken a surprising turn, and that, as of this morning, the faction within the paper pushing for a Miller comeback — aka Arthur J. Sulzberger, Jr. — is winning the day."

• Then, this morning, the Observer arrives with a thunk on our electonic transom, carrying a comprehensive report from the dynamic duo of Schneider-Mayerson and Sherman — and thanks, guys, for heeding our request — of those new Easterlies, pushing Miller from Sag Harbor back to Times Square. The Observer explains the turnabout — and, best we undertand, it's because the Trilateral Commission, meeting in Water Mill, intervened on Judy's behalf.

• Finally, the kicker: A Miller sighting in Manhattan. Indeed, the first confirmed sighting on this side of the Midtown Tunnel since her meeting with Sulzberger last week, at which details of her departure were being allegedly hammered out. This email arrived from a very reliable tipster at 9:36 a.m.: " Spotted, with bob and dark glasses, like a low-rent Anna Wintour, coming for breakfast at Balthazar. Carrying a wad of newspapers. Reading the Post. On cellphone. Right now: 'Are we on the same timezone?' Seated in the nook, to the right of the door. The most discreet location. Still here, as I am tapping away."

We do not think this bodes well for the Sweepstakes.