In this costume-heavy edition: Scarlet Johansson, Josh Hartnett, and third wheel Michelle Trachtenberg, Sting and Trudie Styler, Giorgio Armani, Lindsay Lohan, Fabian Basabe, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard, Justin Timberlake, Usher, Taye Diggs, Cam ron, American Pie Alumni Jason Biggs and Eddie Kaye Thomas, Better Midler, Elvis John, Martha Stewart and Elvis Duran, Matt Damon, David Cross, Sigourney Weaver, the Strokes, John Cameron Mitchell, David Schwimmer, Ed Burns, Liv Tyler, Julianne Moore, Harvey Keitel, Justina Machado, Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany, Missy Elliot, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr, Sandra Bullock and her biker beau, Jimmy Fallon, Molly Shannon, Michael Stipe, Ivana Trump, Bebe Neuwirth, Alec Baldwin, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, Tim Curry, Kathy Griffin, Richard Branson, and Ally Sheedy.

Halloween night only proves celebs can't go incognito... even while slumming it on the Lower East Side. Scarlett Johansson and beau Josh Hartnett were throwing 'em back at Max Fish on Ludlow Street last night with Michelle Trachtenberg in a supporting role. The vertically challenged Johansson was disguised in a demure cotton print prairie dress accessorized by a bloody gun shot wound smack dab in the middle of her pale painted forehead. Hartnett on the other hand appeared to be a soot-faced coal miner in black ski pants with a bottle of Stella Artois handy for the chugging. Trachtenberg was channeling Audrey Hepburn at Breakfast at Tiffany's, though she looked a little more like Jennifer Love Hewitt channeling Ms. Hepburn.

All Hallow's Eve at a haunted-house Bungalow attracted the typical random elite...Sting held court with wife Trudie Styler and his own shiny gold space pants. The King of Pain was barraged by various young nubile things but deflected them to dote instead on his neon-clad wife. A solemn Giorgio Armani kept a lower profile in Sting's corner. Lindsay Lohan wore a red fireman's hat and nested on the opposite side of the club behind her bodyguard Dean. And suprising no one, Fabian Basabe showed up with posse, and sans wife. He was doing his best Brad Pitt from "Mr. & Mrs. Smith," but in Martina's absence just ended up being Fabian Basabe, in white t-shirt and white boxers, and nothing else.

Last night, 10/31, I was exiting the 14th St. L/F/V station in hopes of finding a spot to view the Halloween parade (I was unsuccessful and quickly escaped the crowds). Also exiting were Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard, not in costume. They take the subway how cute!

Everyone was suited up last night for Justin Timberlake's Halloween Party at Marquee — Justin Timberlake was in a black suit and eyemask, Usher wore a dark suit and a beanie, Taye Diggs was in Urban Outfitters black sunglasses and obviously a dark suit. Cam ron wore a sexy "Moulin Rouge" eyemask and looked happy dancing to JT tune after JT tune with their massive entourage. Jason Biggs was chillin at the table next to ours, dressed up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz with a crew including Eddie Kaye Thomas ("Shit-break") as the Scarecrow. Mr. Biggs was flirting heavily with the Tin Man (a waifish, smiling unknown girl — his girlfriend?), and at one point he asked if she (the Tin Man) could touch my large costume breasts. I was much obliged and exchanged the feel for a photo of him and my friend. Felt oddly like Mardi Gras.

Halloween night at Bette Midler's Halloween festivities at the Waldorf: Elton John as the devil, Sting wearing tight, metallic pants accentuating his man meat and, at the lead table, Martha Stewart and Elvis Duran in caveman costume.

Saw Matt Damon last night about 11pm corner of bond and Lafayette. I crouched down to tie my shoe and as I looked up, Matt Damon and pretty companion (Luciana Barroso?) came careening around the corner and almost ran me over. Walking very quickly and w/a serious expression, he was looking pretty normal in a nondescript baseball cap and an 'Argentina' soccer jacket—possibly a tribute to his fiancee?

My friend and I were walking home on Houston around 3:00 AM on Halloween night when suddenly she shrieked and grabbed this guy in a hoodie and a baseball cap. It was David Cross! He was game for getting a picture with us, and then I kinda sorta browbeat him into letting us buy him a drink at Lit (he was meeting friends there). He later apologized for letting me buy him a drink, even though I insisted and the bartender basically charged us nothing. All night strangers were talking to him and buying him drinks and he was really nice and patient about everything. He even gave some life advice to my friend and consented to sign her gourd. (Literally, a small squash she had bought earlier in the evening.) Around four, we all split and he let us take some more
pictures with him before heading our separate ways. Really, a very nice and — dare I say it? — "down-to-earth" guy.

Stumbled across Sigourney Weaver this morning on my way to walk around 9am on the corner of 56th and Park. She was classically dressed in a brown nylon trench, casual pants, and was wearing her hair back in a ponytail and large brown Jackie O sunglasses. As she crossed in front of me she shook her head and tsked tsked someone for cutting across her path.

Fabrizio Moretti, Julian Casablancas and Albert Hammond of the Strokes at Mercury Lounge checking out the band that played right before Heroes in the Seaweed. Drew was apparently there but I didn t see her. John Cameron Mitchell of Hedgewig and the Angry Itch was there as well.

David Schwimmer at B Bar and Grill on E 4th and Bowery talking on his cell phone outside in a Camouflage jacket that didn t appear to be part of any costume. A lot of people noticed him and would come really close to talking to him, but then backed down. He s cute, but has a slighter frame then I would have pegged him for.

Despite my usual level of self-absorption, I saw Edward Burns on Broadway and 50th street this morning, emerging from the uptown 1. He was wearing a white t-shirt walking past Liv Tyler s place on Monday after work, I was pleased to see her answering the door to trick-or-treaters, milo on hip. She looked very excited to see the kids all decked out. No elf-fairy-princess costume though.

Sat Oct. 29 - Constant Gardener Ralph Fiennes crossing Spring on Broadway while talking on his cell and winking right at me as I crossed. I hope he doesn't get the wrong idea, but I like girls.

I saw Julianne Moore eating brunch with her husband Bart and kids, Caleb and Liv, at Paris Commune on Saturday morning. She is very striking in person and her red hair made her immediately noticeable when we walked into the restaurant. She was wearing a kelly green long-sleeved t-shirt and held her kids hand when she walked them to the bathroom and out of the restaurant. The host said she was very, very friendly. She is, without a doubt, the most beautiful celebrity I have ever seen in person.

Sat 10-30, Harvey Keitel with a head full of tinfoil getting his hair highlighted at bumble and bumble downtown. Was in a semi-private room, guess not private enough, everyone knew he was there. Last night in line at magnolia, saw Vanessa from 6 feet under. Apparently her real name is Justina Machado...had to google that one. She s pretty, nice skin, but short and squat, could have done without the cupcake. Two sightings of people I thought were already dead, but it is Halloween, so that could mean something.

Saw Jennifer Connelly dining with hottie hubby Paul Bettany and their amazingly well behaved child on Saturday night at Blue Ribbon in Brooklyn. I was distractedly staring at this gorgeous person at the table across from us, just admiring her beauty, and then I realized, hey that's a famous person. That's Jennifer Connelly! I just wanted to ask her, what was up with that Hulk movie? Also, Paul Bettany could fit her in his pocket. He is well over 6 feet, and built like a brick shithouse on fire.

Lo and behold, we got to party down with the one and only Supa Dupa Fly— Missy Elliott— Saturday night at the Halloween bash at the uber-underground Rubulad party space in Bushwick! Believe me, this place is a bitch to find (dude, it's deep in the heart of Brooklyn), so when Missy rolled in the place, people seriously wigged out. Ms. E was still sporting a cane, and came with 3 other people (small for a hip-hop entourage!). And yes, she looked like she was enjoying herself!

Spotted Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. at the W Underground bar Saturday night. She was very attractive, he looked like a Spotted Mr. Sandra Bullock, aka Jesse James, outlaw motorcycle builder, sitting in the front passenger seat of a black Escalade on 5th Avenue, btwn 12th and 13th. After waiting for a couple of minutes, who should walk out of 55 5th but Sandra Bullock herself who entered the Escalade. Always thought they would look like a mismatched couple, but they look really good together.

Jimmy Fallon came into the Gaf on the Upper East Side late Saturday night. He was jumping on the back of one of the male bartenders. In the midst of the awkward roughhousing, Jimmy knocked over my friend's beer and never got her a new one. Lame.

Molly Shannon on A train. Looking very upper west side mom tries Brooklyn Mom chic (tatty jeans, vans sneaks, very average nylon brown jacket), it was unmistakably she of superstahhhh fame. Did the usual celebrity-style, bury-head-in-sidekick-then-switch-to-other-device-in-effort-to-avoid-the-great-unwashed, but must have actually needed to write a message as she then put her toys away and brazenly looked around, all inquisitive and unafraid of eye contact. On the subway of all places!! Astounding. No baseball cap either! What s she doing now, anyway? LOVE her.

Was in Otto for lunch today and saw Mario Batali—yes, I know, not a big deal to sight a business proprietor in his own business. But 5 minutes later, slowly and ever so creepily (and hairlessly), Michael Stipe kind of weirdly tiptoed through the dining room, probably to meet his luvah Mario. When we left the restaurant, I thought more sightings were imminent because they're shooting a movie on 5th ave, but alas, Stipe is as good as it gets today. The production assistant said it was called "Waking the Universe" or something, but when we asked if anybody cool was in it, she simply replied, "Yeah, a couple cool people," instead of telling us who, exactly. Bitch.

Two sightings today while eating steak tartare at La Goulue...I walked up to meet my mother, and who should be sitting smack in the middle of the front section, in full view of every Madison Avenue passerby (the French doors were open to the 70-degree weather), but Ivana Trump, done to the nines in her signature updo and too much makeup. Otherwise, though, she looked good - the work is not visible from a good ten feet away. As we were eating at one of the outside tables, Bebe Neuwirth walked by on her cell phone. She was dressed in a leopard-print coat and black pants...very thin, frizzy hair, but didn't look as old or as pinched as I would have expected!

Saw Alec Baldwin and middle age-ish woman at Da Silvano 10/29 having dinner outside in the freezing cold can he not get a decent table anymore?

Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg hating life at Moscow Cats on Friday the 28th. She was embarrassingly not amused at the levitating kitten. Her husband seemed to be enjoying the show.

Finally managed a fence side space for the Halloween parade right outside Da Silvano on 6th Ave, and as I turned to celebrate the real estate with my buddy, who's mug do I see right next to mine but Mr. Rocky Horror Picture Show himself, Tim Curry, who was puffing a cig and with a young pretty boy. Tim was joking with his friend and was in good spirits, and was audibly excited when the S&M boys starting making their way up 6th Ave. I asked him if he'd seen anybody dressed up like him for Halloween, and he said that this was the first year he hadn't...within a few minutes thereafter, we all did! He was super cool and very friendly.

In Grand Central around 6:30pm Monday by the Papyrus store on the way to the 6, saw some tourists looking confused, glanced their way and saw Kathy Griffin with her not-looking-very-estranged husband, Matt. They looked so cute. She is very petite and looked much younger and prettier than on television with all that makeup. She should never wear stage makeup, let alone sleep in it! Matt is about 2 feet taller than she and looks younger than on TV, too. Wearing a cute print shirt. Kathy says, "Oh, it's that way. Cool," and off they in the other direction. Vaya con Dios, Kathy and Matt!

I was celebrating a friend's birthday at Ono on Saturday night (10/29) when in walks Richard Branson and his wife - no security, no bodyguards, just the two of them like a normal couple. They were seated right next our group and Sir Richard even offered up a 'cheers' upon learning we were a birthday party. Wifey looks oddly normal (read: slightly overweight and decidedly frumpy) next to Richard s natty dress, blinding porcelain veneers, and immaculately trimmed facial hair. I desperately wanted to make a gratuitous 'virgin' joke, but the ketel one clouded my normally acerbic wit.

I saw Ally Sheedy last week during a very early morning walk to the subway - it was rainy, she looked tired and I had pity on her and left her alone. She really looked very average so it was hard to connect her with the woman who was terrorized by a crazy dog named Max (very bad movie back in the 90s).