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• Once-It boy Fabian Basabe has no problem with the suggestion that he's a complete flame-thrower. But suggest that he doesn't come from money, and he'll sue you for defamation of social class. [Page Six]
• Jay-Z continues to encourage speculation over whether or not Beyonce is carrying his baby. If so, we need to get on a baby name, stat. Roc-a-fetus is just too predictable. [Gatecrasher (2nd item)]
• LA nightlife beast Amanda Demme heads east, spreading her decadence to Las Vegas. If she continues in that direction, it won't be long before she's scheduling a cage-match with our own Amy Sacco. [Page Six]
• Nicole Kidman found out about ex-husband Tom Cruise's crazy baby with Katie Holmes just like the rest of us, via television. And NOT EVEN SHOPPING CURED HER PAIN. [Scoop]
• Lizzie Jennings, daughter of late anchor Peter, will run this weekend's marathon to raise money for cancer research. At this point, we're more interested in who's running the marathon without a pet cause. Someone's got to be running for their own selfish reasons. [Lowdown]