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Put yourself in Amanda Scheer Demme's shoes. You've already created a club so dense with celebrity-fellating self-importance that it threatens to suck half of Hollywood Boulevard into the world's trendiest black hole, and, probably as much out of utter boredom as malice, you've (allegedly!) instructed your thick-necked protection squad to brutalize a former Super Bowl MVP just so you can see your name in the papers. (Legal papers, sure, but still a rush.) Where do you go from here? Vegas, baby. Vegas:

WE HEAR...THAT Hollywood club queen Amanda Demme — who juices up the jet set at the Tropicana Bar at the Roosevelt Hotel and opens a second watering hole, Teddy's, at the hotel next week — has inked a deal to open an indoor/outdoor lounge at the W Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas in 2008.

It's good that she'll be sticking to her indoor/outdoor bread and butter. There's something so satisfying about ordering one's jack-booted thugs around while reclining in a poolside deck chair.