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Odds-obsessed Defamer cousin Oddjack, who we've forgiven since that incident at the Hard Rock when they convinced us to put the last of our gas money on six-the-hard-way, has the bedding-odds on newly-released-into-the- supermodel-wilds Leonardo DiCaprio:

The odds on favorite to nab him is former Jude Law flame Sienna Miller at 3.55/1, while other supermodel Carmen Cass is notching 7/1 odds. More models: Estella Warren is at 8/1; Laetitia Casta at 12/1. Of course, Paris Hilton is getting 15/1 odds and odds of 20/1 belong to Jennifer Aniston and Leo remaining single. Surprisingly, the longshot odds are at 30/1 that Leo and Giselle will get back together. Why that s surprising, we have no idea. We just thought those two were destined to make glistening, Brazilian babies, the color of Sugar Daddies for eternity.

Looks like smart money says Sienna, who collects pretty boys like Siegfried collects big, white cats. We do have to agree with Oddjack on the last point, however; every time we spied Leo climbing up onto his tippy-toes to plant one on his towering Cairpirinha, we thought to ourselves, now that couple's got some Duraflame heat. Then again, once one reaches the lonely summit of fame occupied by DiCaprio, one probably needs to copulate with a hole in a full-length mirror to be truly satisfied.