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Radio City Music Hall's Rockettes opened their Christmas Spectacular yesterday, despite orchestra members being either on strike and/or locked out (considering they showed up to play yesterday and were met by security guards, we'd say the latter) due to long-winded contract negotiations. Thus yesterday's performance was set to a canned soundtrack — which, thankfully, didn't prevent the enjoyment of 9-year-old Billy Ward of Springfield, Mass.

The whole thing sounds like a junior-high-school mess: Union says they accept new contract terms but doesn't get contract, union walks, management says union never accepted contract in the first place, union shows up to play in "good faith," management won't let them in door because...uh, we have no idea. Can't everyone just admit they're being stubborn little bitches and get on with the show?

Music Isn't Live, but Rockettes Keep Kicking [NYT]