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Wednesday night, finally, the long-delayed, much-litigated hybrid taxicabs first hit the streets of New York City. They're Ford Escape SUVs (so much for the Lexuses we were hoping for), and, allegedly, 12 more should be on the road within two weeks. Which, the way the TLC has been handling this so far, should translate into a few months.

We've been waiting for this day, because we're in favor of doing things that are negligibly better for the environment. Also because we're in favor of minimizing the nagging feeling that we should be tipping cabbies more because they're paying so much for gas. And, finally, because we're in favor of anything that allows us to feel at least some twinge of virtuousness as we pay far too much for a far too drunken cab ride home from Park Slope at four in the morning.

Now, after all the anticipation, we're dying to know: How was it? We imagine riding in one of these will be like riding in a Checker cab a few years ago: You knew people who did it, and you saw them around from time to time, but you never, ever saw one that was open and available for you.

So if you're lucky enough to ride one, please please please tell us all about it. Our (mostly sublimated) environmentalist side is dying of curiosity.

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