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Variety reports that Topher Grace and Seann William Scott will co-star in Paramount's Cockblockers; no need to explain the concept, it's about pretty much exactly what you fear it might be. But what could we possibly love more than reading the word "cockblockers" in the pages of Variety? (Lesser publications were a little more coy about the title.) That there were originally two competing Cockblockers projects in the Hollywood ether, and that the one picked up by Paramount is a sort of Super Cockblockers:

Scott and Larson had been shepherding a "Cockblockers" project for some time, only to learn that Coolidge and principals at management-production outfit H2F Entertainment had one of their own. They combined their development and then plucked Grace to star alongside Scott before taking it out to studios Wednesday.

We've said it before, but it's Friday morning, and we're severely hung over and emotional: Sometimes we love this goddamn town so much we could cry.