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On Friday, a reader sent a picture of himself with David Cross, the actor and comedian who has lately been the victim of an imposter, a depraved doppelganger who reportedly cruises lower Manhattan claiming to be the Arrested Development actor in an effort to get laid.

"I think I hung out with the fake David Cross!" the reader cried, clearly heartbroken by the possibility of being duped. We contacted David for further clarification. He writes:

I'm in LA right now and have been since last Wednesday.

That WAS me that those two girls met on Houston and took to LIT for a few drinks, that did happen. [Ed: This is in regards to a Gawker Stalker sighting, which we were concerned was actually that of David's evil twin.]

I came back [to LA] last Wednesday to this sad, weird little sublet filled with spiders, that I am temporarily staying in until the show inevitably gets cancelled.

So, anyone in NY who has been saying they're me (that's not me) starting from last Wednesday on, is lying.


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