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This falls into that famous we're-not-endorsing-we're- just-passing-along category. But we'll note that we received more than one seemingly identical missives on this topic today. Here's one of the more felicitously phrased:

So I walked into Boysroom (the dirtiest gay bar this side of the Cock) at 2:30 a.m. Saturday night (Sunday morning) and who is standing right there but Fabian Basabe. He was just hanging out with a few guys while there was an amateur strip show on stage. He proceeded to hoist himself up on the bar at point, clearly not hiding or caring who saw him. It's one thing for "straight, married" Fabian to try and get away with going to Beige. ("Oh, I didn't know it was gay night.") But to go to a bar called BOYSROOM? C'mon, someone is itching to leap out of the closet.

Again, we're just passing that on. We would never, ever try to out someone.

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