��� Syd Schanberg says journalism's big problem is insufficient transparency ��� that is, not enough journalism about journalism. In next week's "Press Clips," we fill him in on the existence of Jim Romenesko. [VV]
��� Amid yesterday's newspaper-circ horror show, Post gains on News. Yay! [NYP]
��� Yet the News is still ahead. Yay! [NYDN]
��� Never mind the Judy mess; NYT still hasn't fulfilled post-Jayson promises. [PR Week]
��� Why'd Andrew Heyward stick around CBS News for so long after the Memogate debacle? For his pension to kick in, of course. [Radar]
��� Can't figure out why you should care about the recent sale rumblings at Knight Ridder? Because no less is at stake than ��� cue ominous music ��� the entire future of print journalism. Well, fuck. [LAT]
��� Ted Koppel is leaving Nightline, in case you didn't know. [WP]