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A spy sends us this behind-the-scenes tip from the medium-friendly offices of Entertainment Tonight, where sweeps stuntpeople sometimes lend their gifts to mundane tasks. Our minds are officially blown:

The psychic they have on for sweeps on had some tapes go missing recently. So, one of the PAs saw the producer and the psychic in a "mind meld" in which she told him that the missing tapes were in an office near papers marked with the letter "J." If it wasn't crazy enough that a producer was using a psychic to find missing tapes, he then sent PAs to tear up some directors' offices whose names have the letter "J" in them. In-fucking-sane.

Insane? Sounds perfectly sensible to us. If we had a psychic sitting around the office, we'd be putting her to practical use, not wasting her on some bullshit parlor trick like reaching across dimensions to ask a long-dead poodle how much longer the world has to wait for Nick and Jessica to admit that their marriage is over.