Judith Miller, you've just been humiliated by and forced to retire from the newspaper where you've worked for 28 years! Where are you going?

To Balthazar for breakfast, of course:

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Snapped at the 8 o'clock hour this morning. Full details of breakfast are after the jump.

UPDATE: Observer Media Mobster Gabriel Sherman confirms that the breakfast companion was none other than Post columnist of the year Andrea Peyser.

Dear Gawker—

I have breakfast with a friend every Thursday morning at 8am at Balthazar. We always have the second of the two round booths on the Eastern wall. This morning our host led me right past our booth and said he'd have to seat us in a different section. Of course, we're nobodys, and we assumed we were being displaced by someone "Important"—and so there we were exiled to the back of the restaurant.... No big deal.

And for what? Judith Miller, on her first day off from the Times, sitting at MY booth. Ugh. She was with a reporter and photographer from I don't know where. She wore blue, looked thin, seemed happy, and carried a hideous baseball cap.

Of all the celeb sightings I could have had, of all the people I'd gladly give up my table for! And this is how my Thursday began. Good grief.

Photo attached (sorry for the poor quality, but I was kind of far away).