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After two days of deliberations and a day of rest, jurors have returned for what may be their final day to decide if Robert Blake is liable (he's, ahem, already been found not guilty) for the post-linguini-feast offing of ex-wife Bonny Lee Bakley.

By way of review, let us reexamine a key piece of Blake's testimony:

Robert Blake told jurors Thursday that he has three people inside him: the little boy who sleeps with a cap gun under his pillow; the swaggering teen who likes fast sports cars; and the old man who once enjoyed Bonny Lee Bakley's company because she was game for a little casual sex.

To illustrate the point, Blake's counsel set up an elaborate demonstration in the court's parking lot (pictured above). The car and sleeping portions were self-explanatory; some background was necessary, however, in portraying the "casual sex," which for Blake meant a little round of panty-blindfold hostage negotiation.

UPDATE: The deliberations have been stalled due to a juror calling in sick. They will resume Monday.

[Photo: AP/MSNBC]