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It seems that Jude Law and Sienna Miller have put all sexual extracurriculars involving child care professionals and iconic super-spies behind them, as the AP reports heightened levels of conciliatory cuteness at the Casanova premiere on Sunday. The night before, one of our operatives spotted them healing over some gutterballs:

My friends and I arrived at the Mar Vista Lanes at 9pm Saturday night for some bowling fun. It's a preferred spot since most of the LA tools go to Lucky Strike or Bay Shore Lanes in Santa Monica. Although we had reserved two lanes nothing was open. I decided to investigate our lanes and lo and behold, Jude Law and Sienna Miller are clumsily throwing their balls down our lanes! In Mar Vista? WEIRD. They were oblivious to everyone around them and seemed to be having the time of their lives. After a bit of ogling it was obvious they weren't leaving anytime soon so we had to go to the bowling alley near LAX. We hoped to see Brad and Angelina there, unfortunately we had just missed them. Darn.

Even the conspicuous public setting for a display of renewed coupledom couldn't stop Law from indulging his naughty impulses. A new tabloid disaster was averted when quick-thinking alley employees were able to dislodge the actor's famously wandering penis from the ball return while Miller was busy in the ladies room, saving the rakish actor the embarrassment of explaining how he he was too weak to resist the mechanism's relentless come-ons.