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CNN pop-culture correspondent Tour has, it would seem, grown tired of his gig as the 90-second-black-dude on American Morning. BET has hired the jack-of-all-commentary as a host, writer and Consulting Producer for BET News. He's joined by former Source EIC Selwyn Hinds and writer/filmmaker Nelson George, who will work as BET News producers.

Interestingly, the press release notes the trio of new hires are Brooklyn-based; in fact, it's mentioned three times before the third paragraph. Is the borough from which these men hail the most important thing about this story? How about the fact that this might be a revival for the short-changed news division? Or, say, the significance of Tour taking his talent from the CNN powerhouse and investing it in BET? No, no, these things are not important. Brooklyn, that's where the cred is. Right behind the couple with the stroller, next to the girl in cowboy boots.

Pop Culture Personality Tour Headed To BET News [BlackNews]