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Brooke Burns, swimsuit model, Dog Eat Dog host, star of Single White Female 2: The Psycho and Bruce Willis' ex-fiancee, (not to be confused with swimsuit model, Rock Star: INXS host and star of Need for Speed: Underground 2 Brooke Burke) came face to face with the fury of the shallow end yesterday:

Actress Brooke Burns was hospitalized after diving into her backyard pool and hitting her head, her agent said Monday.

Burns broke a bone in her neck and required "minor surgery," said Paradigm spokeswoman Jennifer Glassman.

The former Baywatch star and host of Dog Eat Dog has been hospitalized since Friday, Glassman said. She is expected to be released Tuesday.

"There's no permanent damage," Glassman said. "She will begin work as scheduled in January."

There is an agency PR lesson to be learned in Paradigm spokeswoman Jennifer Glassman's no-nonsense approach to dealing with a client's potentially life-threatening injury. One, try to remain as vague as possible in discussing the specifics of their condition; the public has a low threshold for technical speak. And two, avoid maudlin, get-well cliches of the "Our hopes and prayers" and "Get well soon" variety (they just clutter up the press release) and cut right to the "When can we expect her back on the set of Pepper Dennis?" chase.