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Tricia Romano, bless her little heart, uses her entire column this week to detail a fantastically faggy rivalry: the kids behind hipster-inferno party MisShapes vs. older, equally faggy posse The Trinity. The Trinity (who counts Heatherette designer Richie Rich and increditranny Amanda Lepore as on their side), it seems, doesn't like the MisShapes, "just because." This results in prank phone calls, snide remarks made at the podium during Paper's Nightlife Awards, and nasty note-passing during fifth period.

We've read Romano's column three times now, and we still don't get it: Who the fuck ARE these people, and why are they fighting? Can't the old guard and new guard peacefully coexist? Surely there's enough Joy Division for everyone. Everyone just better calm down, before some poor tranny winds up bludgeoned to death with a rollerskate.

Cat Fight! [VV]