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Yesterday we reported on Time's annual Person of the Year luncheon, at which a raft of mediaworld notables — Donna Brazile, Grover Norquist, Cynthia Cooper, Brian Williams, Anderson Cooper, and Matt Cooper — discussed who they thought should be person of the year and representatives of the magazine's favored advertisers got to feel like they have some role in the selection process. (They don't. Neither do the panelists, except maybe for Matt Cooper, who at least works for the magazine.)

It occurred to us the morning, though, that it's patently unfair for only advertisers to enjoy the illusion of participation in this process. What about all of us who don't have media-buying budgets behind us? Don't we also deserve our moment to not be listened to?

We do, damn it. So let's figure out the Gawker nominee for Time's Person of the Year. Jim Kelly, Time's managing editor, told everyone at yesterday's lunch to feel free to email him with their suggestions. So we promise we'll send along your Gawkie selection, perhaps even with a special, attention-getting e-card. So who's your pick?

Mother Nature? Al-Zarqawi? Condi Rice? Krucoff? Vote after the jump.

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