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Since the last post was such a downer, we thought we would lighten the mood a little with a Defamer operative's full report from an evening of old-fashioned fun: last night's Just Friends premiere party! Smiles, people, smiles!

In the interest of enjoying the open bar I went to the Just Friends premiere in Westwood last night. Despite the godawful poster, the movie isn't as bad as one might think, and the audience at Mann Village seemed into it. The movie doesn't have a lot of stars, but Ryan Reynolds was there, along with the overdressed and impossibly blonde Anna Farris (and her equally blonde entourage who could be found in various bathroom stalls throughout the night) she seemed just as vapid as her character in the movie.

Chris Klein was hanging around down with the commoners and seemed to be enjoying himself he was with a woman who looked like an even creepier version of Suzanne Somers. I feared she was his date, but later found out that she works for him. Is it just me or does he look sorta like Keanu Reeves? Maybe it's just the "dumb" thing. Also saw Bradley Cooper from Wedding Crashers and soon-to-be-gone Kitchen Confidential. He was bitching about having to go through the press line and generally seemed like a dick. There were other moderately familiar faces there, but I'm pretty bad at spotting people, and my girlfriend and I were too pissed off about the food (consisting solely of White-Castle-esque hamburgers, pigs-in-a-blanket, greasy fish sticks, grapes, and guacamole not kidding) to put our hearts into it. I mean, who throws an after-party at BrewCo?

We suppose we could have anticipated that a Hollywood premiere would be less "old-fashioned fun," more "cautionary tale." Not even the Brothers Grimm could conjure up more forboding images: soon to be out of work TV stars acting like entitled dicks, Katie Holmes' ex accompanied by a creepy Thighmaster clone, and bathroom stalls packed to the gills with blondes. It's enough to scare anyone straight.