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In today's Black List over at the Black Table, wandering media reporter Greg Lindsay divulges his connection, or lack thereof, to accused sexual assaulter and former Women's Wear Daily reporter Peter Braunstein:

HAVING (NOT) WORKED WITH PETER BRAUNSTEIN: Everyone keeps asking "Did you know him? Did you work with him? Were you friends?" No, I never met the guy. Before he was stalking his ex-girlfriend and allegedly assualting his ex-coworkers, and before everything in his life slipped into the past tense (because once he's arrested for his Halloween horrors, his life as he and everyone else knew it will be over), he was my predecessor at Women's Wear Daily. He was on the media beat, and I was nominally a competitor before he went ballistic in the office one day and was fired. I was hired to take his place. I inherited his iMac and a box of books he never claimed, but I can say with great relief that I never found diabolical diagrams for torturing his enemies, or any other obvious red flags. (Someone as "brilliant" as he surely knew how to erase his digital presence.)

Not so surely — authorities actually found plans for the fake fireman assault scenario on one of his work computers. Dammit, Greg! If you would've just paid better attention, YOU COULD'VE CAUGHT HIM AGES AGO.

The Black List [Black Table]
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