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• More on rapper 50 Cent's forthcoming imprint: the books won't top 150 pages, making them G-Unit friendly. We also learn that 50's quite the bookworm, leaving his gangsta cred in peril. [Page Six]
• A pillow fight leads to table-throwing at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas, causing tens of thousands of dollars of damage to Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos's room. Good thing her family owns the place — but how long until her parents call for her public execution? [Scoop]
• Kabbalah-giddy Madonna feels a kinship with Scientologist Tom Cruise, as they're both "persecuted" for the bizarre faiths. That's not true: we've no problem with their religious beliefs. We persecute solely in response to retarded behavior. [R&M]
• Actress Sharon Stone stands up uber-wealthy Denise Rich at a fundraiser; Rich pens an angry song in response. [Page Six]
Apprentice contender Bethenny Frankel refuses to remove her feet from a VIP bench so another guest can sit down. In her defense, the other guest wasn't even attractive. [Lowdown (2nd item)]