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An eagle-eyed operative just sent in this Tony Hale (seal-attack victim Buster on the almost all but certainly, positively canceled Arrested Development) spotting at the Fox Studio Store :

Just saw Buster from Arrested Development buying DVDs of either season 1 or 2 of his own show at the Fox Studio Store. Totally nice guy, smiles and acknowledgement for all. The cashier at THE FOX STUDIO STORE did not recognize him and asked for his studio ID. Buster looked up and with a smile politely pointed to his picture on the box and stated "that's me." Everybody laughed.

Sadly, the cashier's faux pas was an excellent illustration of why Arrested got the ax: at the end of the day, simply not enough people were watching. That's little comfort, however, for the fans who will miss it. And even less for its actors Hale's DVD purchase is clearly a sentimental attempt at reliving the misty water colored mem'ries of the way things were.