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We've always imagined that the hardest part of being a political flack — or any sort of flack, really — is having to pretend to believe in someone and his cause just because he's the guy signing your paychecks.

Which is why it must have been great news for Jeanine Pirro — the Ferrer running against Hillary's Bloomberg, if you've forgotten — when she found a new spokesman, Andrea Tantaros.

The Politicker yesterday found some of Tantaros old work, from her days as a college-newspaper columnist at Lehigh. And one particular column really got 'Ticker's heart racing. Some excerpts:

Yup, I guess Mrs. Clinton realizes that her time as first lady is coming to a close and this power-hungry monster feels she and her husband didn`t do enough damage to our country as a whole, so she needs to ruin New York.

Besides the fact that she isn't even from New York and has never even lived or been educated there, Mrs. Clinton is a power-hungry congenital liar....

'Hill' has been involved in multiple scandals (probably) more than all of the first ladies combined) and has lied probably about as many times as her husband has dropped his pants....

Oh, we can't forget the most famous, Whitewater. This was the Clinton's real-estate scam in Arkansas that ended up costing us taxpayers $69 million and White House Deputy Vincent Foster's life. (He was found dead in a nearby park in the heat of the scandal.)

And here we were thinking Republicans were nutcases. How silly of us.

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