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Attention former MTV's The Real World stars: there are career options for you besides Downtown Standard rooftop bartender, although you may have to create your own opportunities. Here's something to inspire you: a Craigslist ad casting a hot, new indie project starring one of your ex-roommates!

Want to Fuck a Reality Star - w4m - 22 Reply to: [redacted] Date: 2005-11-16, 10:33PM PST

Former Reality Actress is looking for 30 guys for Porn. $100 pay - w4m

Beautiful reality actress from MTV Real World is doing her first independent porn. We are searching for 30 very good looking guys to be in video shoot. Must be very good looking, be in great shape, and have an extra large penis.

All guys that will be featured in the film will be in masks (think phantom of the opera eye masks), so strong jaw line, and pretty eyes are a must

Casting this Monday from 10pm-1am in Hollywood, shooting next weekend in

Although this spunky self-starter chose the ambitious route, essentially recreating the Eyes Wide Shut masked orgy sequence with herself in the Tom Cruise role, you might want to bite off something a little more manageable for your first project—say, just eight medium-dicked guys with eye patches.