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This just in from Advertising Age:

2005 Fall MRI Study Details Household Income by Title
By Nat Ives


Bauer Publishing s fast-growing In Touch Weekly has surged to the top of the celebrity weekly category in terms of average household income, according to the fall 2005 report from Mediamark Research Inc. In Touch readers have an average household income of $66,180, topping rivals like Wenner Media's Us Weekly ($65,169) and Time Inc.'s People ($63,364) for the first time.

It also surpasses household incomes for readers of well-regarded and widely-read titles like Martha Stewart Living ($65,995) and Conde Nast's Vogue ($60,432) and Glamour ($55,260).

Anna Wintour, we're sure, is now busy plotting Nat Ives's demise. When she's not emptying his boss's trash, that is.

'In Touch' Magazine Has Higher Reader Income Than Vogue [AdAge]