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After all the stink we made about uber-editor Jane Pratt leaving Jane and being replaced by Brandon Holley, we still didn't really care enough to follow up and see how the "new" Jane would look (adult ADD, man). So we picked up the January issue the other day, and maybe it's too soon to tell, but we're not detecting any major differences, other than wee aesthetic ones, under Holley's reign. We did, however, notice an interesting little sidebar on the letters page, which was for the November issue (and Pratt's last):

Thanks to all of you who wrote sweet letters to send Jane Pratt off. It's awesome to know that even though you'll miss her, you have faith we're gonna keep on making a kick-ass magazine every month. And sorry to Sally in Baton Rouge, La.: Jane is not training to become a champion paraglider.

None of these "sweet letters" were actually printed, mind you. Translation: Get over it, bitches.