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Today's issue of manly-man email newsletter Thrillist goes where very few men will openly go and addresses the issue of men and makeup:

Buying: John Varvatos Concealer, $26
122 Spring St, at Greene; 212.965.0700
Finally, a Varvatos product that meets the needs of the roughhewn, blue-collar demographic: a facial concealer stick that hides scars from knife fights, dark circles from lonely nights with the bottle, and premature age lines brought on by years of backbreaking labor. Oh, and if you're a metro prettyboy, it also covers up zits and tear tracks.

A-ha! Once again, we really feel this is the sort of item that could be better marketed to women:

He'll never admit it, but you know what he's up to. Every morning, your man locks himself in the loo — but when he emerges, none of the signs of his typical toilet time are there. In fact, the bathroom seems relatively untouched, unscathed. Except your makeup drawer. Yep, there they are, his uncovered tracks: Your concealer has been moved! He was using your makeup. AGAIN. And while that massive pimple on his forehead has been driving you insane, you know he didn't even apply your Touche Eclat to proper effect. You're tired of him wasting your precious supply of ammunition; it's time to get him his own stash.

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