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In this edition of Gawker Stalker: Ashley Olsen, Britney Spears, Kate Winslet, Robert Redford, Rachel Weisz, Josh Hartnett, Nathan Lane, Juliane Moore, Julianna Margulies, Carlos Leon, Michael Stipe, Amy Sedaris, Parker Posey, Laura Linney, Gisele Bundchen, Kenny Chesney, Patricia Clarkson, Danny Glover, Milla Jovovich and Jim Jarmusch, Ali G, Chloe Sevigny, Drea de Matteo, Steven Colbert, Jason Priestly, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Kelly Ripa, Russell Simmons, Kimora Lee Simmons, Gastineau Girls, Bryant Gumbel, Gail King, Leila James, Joan Collins, Sir Ivan, James Lipton, Tim Blake Nelson, Ray Kelly breaking the law, and Eric Balfour.

I spotted Ashley Olsen at David Duncan Antiques on E. 60th the other day. She carried a huge cup of Starbucks while her enormous bodyguard waited outside. (Maybe it's that everything looks bigger next to her?) She perused the chandeliers for quite a while and I heard her say she was looking for something gothic.

Britney Spears getting out of big black SUV going into Calypso on Hudson, begrudgingly admit she looked gorgeous...

Kate Winslet, while having magaritas at the Empire Diner in Chelsea, was overheard commenting to a waiter about how her husband Sam Mendes' initial meeting with Jake, the star of his new movie Jarhead, took place at that very restaurant.

I was at Rockefeller Center yesterday (11/15) to check out the newly re-opened Top of the Rock. As I was searching for the entrance to the observation deck, an attractive older man walked into the lobby. It took me all of two seconds to recognize that ruggedly handsome face - it was Robert Redford. Maybe meeting with folks at NBC? He was wearing sunglasses, dark blazer, jeans...I don't even care that he's old enough to be my grandfather or that he starred in a movie with Jennifer Lopez. The man is just as gorgeous as he was back in the Butch Cassidy days. Oh yeah, and I see Rosie Perez often in Brooklyn's Fort Greene Park. We both walk our dogs there, she keeps to herself.

While moving slowly in traffic on Thompson south of Spring I realized the woman in the white shirt/jacket waiting to cross behind us was Rachel Weisz. She was walking as fast as our car, so we got to see her stroll down Thompson, looking into Kittichai and glancing in shop windows. Except for the fact she looked really really familiar, she was completely normal and entourage-less.

Very mellow night at Edward's downtown (formerly Bar Odeon) and an equally mellow Josh Hartnett was having a drink at the bar with the manager and a waitress. Seemed to be a very friendly guy and was chatting with people at the bar. Very low-key and casual.

Saw Nathan Lane at Barracuda, a Chelsea gay bar, making out hot and heavy with some guy with deep sideburns They left together and headed uptown in a yellow cab.

My first week in NYC and today (11/16) I hit a West Village celeb bonanza — all within 15 minutes; Julianne Moore whipping down Houston, head down looking tiny with no makeup and severe furrowed brow, Julianna Margulies looking lost and walking solo along W. 12th, packing semi-normal body weight (plus) but ridiculously large shades in the dark (minus), Carlos Leon looking hot and scoping for chicks while riding his bike past Julianna, and Michael Stipe staring out of the Spotted Pig, laughing and looking fit and happy. Bonus includes seeing adorable Amy Sedaris in my apartment building on Bleeker and finding out she lives among us peons. I literally walked into her tiny frame in the lobby (she was wearing semi-pajamas, running down the secret stairway to collect her mail) and before I could control myself I blurted "Are you Amy?", she said "Yeah", smiled and scurried away as I continued to talk to her back, introducing myself to the air, thus ensuring I'll never, ever be her friend. Dang nab it!

I heard a distinctive voice calling out behind me on 13th and Broadway last night around 7PM (11/15), "Excuse me! Watch out!" I turned to see Parker Posey barreling toward me on her roller blades. She had a Whole Foods bag full of groceries, and looked as if she was having trouble skating on the wet sidewalk.

Spotted Laura Linney waiting to cross the street next to me in front of Lincoln Center today (11/17). It was pretty easy as we were the only ones crossing. She was sporting Uggs, what appeared to be mom-style jeans, and carried a New Yorker tote; oh the perks of subscription renewal. I wanted to aske her about working with Tim Curry in Congo but, alas, the light changed.

Saw Gisele Bundchen Wednesday night with a gaggle of pals outside Blue Ribbon on Bedford and Downing in the West Village. She was standing on the corner talking with friends - one in particular was a vaguely french hottie. Maybe Leo is seriously over. She is even taller in person than you'd imagine but very pretty. She was dressed in black jeans and a black hoodie - understated, but of course you couldn't miss her.

Kenny Chesney and a male friend eating dinner at Sapa Restaurant in New York City the night before the CMAs...

Saw Patricia Clarkson last night at around 11 PM on west 9th st near fifth avenue. She was walking her large dog and was wearing a cute burberry hat and a nice trenchcoat. She had a huge smile on her face and generally seemed as happy with life as her alter-ego Aunt Sarah from SIX FEET UNDER. She looked radiant and kind and needs to be my BFF someday.

Was indulging my inner suburban mallrat last night (11/16) by attending a screening of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and then a stop at Cold Stone Creamery on 42nd St (where we all make fun of the tourists who go there but secretly love the ice cream!), when my friend spotted Danny Glover waiting outside of BB King's Blues Club for his car. He looked dapper in a dark suit and was smiling and friendly-looking, even shaking the hand of and chatting with some bum who passed by and got all excited to spot someone recognizable. I thought he was tall and looked exactly the way he does in movies, but my friend thought he looked "much smaller".

Sunday morning I was headed to Cipriani's with a friend and had a quick Olsen hobo sighting, not sure which one it was. Later that evening I dined at Da Silvano. Milla Jovovich, Jim Jarmusch and two friends were sitting at the adjacent table. She looked gorgeous with unkempt hair, fingerless gloves and a strange but sweet lacy cape-let thing. Jarmusch is very white; skin, hair etc (almost translucent). The friends were Williamsburg, (f***king) progressive, punker types. There were laughing and enjoying themselves bathed in an overall aura of uber coolness.

Saw Sasha Baron Cohen (aka Ali G/ Borat) at Bloomie Nails in the East Village on 11/13. Yes, you read correctly. Bloomie Nails. Requesting side by side pedicures with fiancee Isla Fisher. You couldn't miss him because he was wearing a big black puffy North Face jacket in 60 degree weather. He was mighty chummy with the shy asian lady massaging his massive feet, asking her if she spoke Mandarin or Cantonese. At one point he remarked that her name sounded like "yo-yo" and began miming a "yo-yo" motion with his hands (I know, this is bizarre, but he definitely did this). It was a hilarious scene, very Ali G Show-esque. I suppose life imitates art in his world...

Chloe Sevigny today on the uptown 6 train at about 3:00pm. She got on with me at Astor Place. I normally don't send in celebrity sightings; but someone needs to tell her to ditch the acid washed Mom jeans and fire Stevie Nicks - who is clearly her stylist. And even more sad - she was reading Page Six on the train - albeit while doing her best to shroud her face with her long hippie hair and her her leather-ish newsboy cap pulled low over her eyes. Someone should really tell her the first step toward a Page Six mention is to stop dressing like an asshole.

Saw Drea de Matteo last night on stage at the Shooter Jennings show (who she seems to be dating) at Bowery Ballroom. She seemed pretty coked out, playing with her nose and running backstage every few minutes. And what the fuck is she doing dating a Hill Billy name shooter who could double for Golum? She fucking oozes sexuality and he has ears like a GW caricature!

This is an NJ version of stalker. I saw Steven Colbert this weekend at a local bar Egan's in Montclair. He was dressed just like he came right from the show: dark blue suit jacket and looking very dapper. He was with a blonde (perhaps his wife?) and was nice enough to shake hands with all the local gawkerstalkers at the bar.

11/15 birthday dinner at 'Cesca. former teen idol Jason Priestley walks by our table, a thrilling event as i had met him when i was 13 and had braces (daddy entertainment connections). i was super tempted to ask if he recalled, but remembered i had photographic evidence in my other wallet. he was short and puffy, with wife in tow.

During my lunch break today (11/16), I walked by Nicole Kidman's squeeze-of-the-moment, Keith Urban, walking down 6th Ave by 55th St. The country hottie was dressed in a busy-looking t-shirt, jeans and a trucker hat while talking on his cell. Much shorter than I expected. He was flanked by an older stylish woman and an older man. Probably still lingering from the CMAs last night.

Minding my own business, I feel someone staring at me in front of ABC Home, and who is it but Tim McGraw (that is his name, right?) posing sexily up against some big black SUV. I was startled, not only by his total hotness (I swear, he's not as sleezy looking as Kenny Chesney)...but by the fact that he looked at me FIRST...I guess my outfit was kind of hot. I wonder if he was waiting outside for wifey Faith?

Managed to sneak into the G&P Foundation for Cancer Research's (read: Denise Rich) Angel Ball at the Marriot Marquis on Monday night. A truly bizarre assortment of celebs were in attendance, including (in particular order) Kelly Ripa, Russell Simmons, Kimora Lee Simmons, the Gastineau Girls, Bryant Gumbel (with very blonde wife), Gail King (Oprah's BFF), Leila James and Joan Collins. Sir Ivan, that lunatic rich guy with the castle who was featured in Single in the Hamptons, was also there sporting a cape with a bedazzled peace sign and a VERY skinny Asian woman. All-in-all, quite an event!

Saw James Lipton today on 53rd and 7th Ave- looked terrrrible. Worst comb-over I've ever seen, dressed all in black (including black orthopedic-ish sneakers- blech), desperately trying to hail a cab. Failed and walked away, lugging along about six different briefcases/totes. Definitely looks his age, which is... pretty damn old?

Tim Blake Nelson on the M5 bus on the West Side, sitting beside his young son on the way to school. Nelson was giving his son his palm pilot for the anticipated show and tell [guess that tradition will live on forever], explaining how the stylus pen worked — then realizing it might be perceived as a weapon and exchanged it for a regulation #2 pencil.

Not sure if it is Gawker-worthy but disappointed to not find any celebs at Cain last night (11/16), I was surprised to see Ray Kelly riding the 6 this morning. He was flanked by two burly security guards. The NYC police chief was leaning against the door, right next to a sign that read, 'Do Not Lean'. I thought of taking a picture with my cell-phone camera but as Middle-eastern male, decided against it. Wouldn't wanna provide any fodder to Fox News!

Yesterday at around 6:30, me and my friend regina were at the spring street stop of the 6 train when i thought i saw eric balfour, formerly of "six feet under" and the recently defunct UPN show, "sex, love, and denise richards". i positioned myself between him and regina and whispered "look over my shoulder, is that " and before i could finish my question, she confirmed that it was indeed the guy who got his toes sucked on "six feet under". BONUS: a quick imdb search reveals that he used to be on "kids incorporated". is there anything he can't do?