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Moments before the chorus of "Don't Cha" was about to kick in, something in the champagne room perhaps a foreboding Dickensian ghost killed rapper Nelly's lapdance buzz, and suddenly, all he could think about was the children:

The soft-core hip hopper told the crowd at the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network Awards benefit at Chelsea Piers how he and fellow hip hopper Jermaine Dupree left a strip club feeling guilty after spending more than $10,000 in a single night. So they thought: "How 'bout we go to the toy store and break the kids off, [it's] almost Christmas time." The next day the two matched the amount they'd spent at the flesh palace in toys, and delivered the gifts to needy tots.

We have to admit, this Toys For Tits plan managed to melt even the ice pellets that are our hearts. We have only one concern, though, and that is for Nelly's staff to stay on the ball. Some botched paperwork, and you're looking at a truckload of Sit 'n Spin's landing on Scores' doorstep, or, even worse, Amber and Thania showing up at the St. Judes pediatric leukemia ward holding a three-foot double-ender, asking the on-duty nurse, "Someone order an ass-to-ass?"