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In the dark places in our soul that we don't like to talk about at cocktail parties, we were secretly terrified that we might never again experience the unbridled, brain-smoothing joy of Chris Tucker shouting high-pitched expletives at a seemingly uncomprehending Jackie Chan while shit blows up around them. It seems that New Line is finally ready to shovel cash onto the raging fire of another Rush Hour sequel, locking up Tucker, Chan, screenwriter Jeff Nathanson, and, most crucially, visionary fauxteur Brett Ratner. Variety has the staggering details:

Tucker will earn $20 million against 20% of gross, and his deal comes with a second-picture commitment for the same salary on a film to be determined later. Thesp has given up script approval as long as the final draft matches what Nathanson pitched.

Chan will get around $15 million against 15% of gross, but he will also own the film's distribution rights in China and Hong Kong.

Ratner will get a spike on the upfront part of the $5 million-against-5% gross deal he had on "Rush Hour 2.

Ratner's piece might look tiny compared to his stars', but we suspect that fresh off ruining reimagining the X-Men franchise, he'll be thrilled to return to his comfort zone, narrowly avoiding a fallback career shooting ladies' footwear.