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• At right, the new look of Nightline, premiering tonight. We can't wait to see if Martin Bashir tricks Cynthia McFadden into thinking he's her ally, only to destroy her. [TVNewser]
• Depending on how badly you want to make your eyes bleed, you may want to check out Madonna's "big toe" and ass-cheek goiter. [CityRag]
• Peter Braunstein hits America's Most Wanted levels of infamy. Can the show's prostrate viewers hunt him down? [AMW]
• Wal-Mart in Staten Island? Well, we suppose if it has to go somewhere... [Curbed]
• Author Rick Moody on baseball, and how all writers are on the same team. Except for the Gay ones. [TMN]
• Naomi Campbell goes on the Tyra Banks show, gets halfway weepy, and doesn't beat the crap out of anyone. [Jossip]