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We read La Stanley's tribute to Ted Koppel in this morning's paper, and we were doubly pleased. First, because it was a nice, appropriate farewell to an esteemed and accomplished journalist, and second because the error-prone writer seemed to have made her way through a full 900 words without any obvious fuckups. Then we read TVNewser, who reminded us of this sentence in Stanley's piece:

Mr. Koppel recently was a guest on CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360 ," a nighttime news program that is the un-"Nightline": Mr. Cooper jumps from topic to topic at top speed, everything from grisly true-crime stories to interviews with the likes of Nicole Richie.

Take it away TVNewser: "But Cooper hasn't interviewed Richie, at least not on the first two weeks of 360, a review of CNN transcripts demonstrates."

Could someone please teach this woman how to use Nexis?

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