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In this edition: A reader looks into the crystal ball for Kate Moss, David Bowie, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, P Diddy, Eva Longoria, Derek Jeter, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes, Russell Crowe, the real Jason Lewis and Jamie Lynn diScala, Robin Williams, Frances McDormand, Billy Bob Thornton, John Kerry, Jenna Bush, the Edge, Mike Myers, Parker Posey, Scott Speedman, William Dafoe, Big Boi, Luke Wilson, John Leguizamo, Ralph Feinnes and Gina Gershon, Anna Paquin and Kieran Culkin, Stephen Colbert, Celia Keenan-Bolger, Bradley Cooper, Jason Priestly, Liz Smith, Bradley Cooper, David Geffen, Calivn Klein, Gordon Clapp, John Legend, Michael Pitt, Michael Chiklis, Anthony Rapp, Richard Belzer, Justin Chambers, and Bobby Cannavale.

Saturday afternoon: Balthazar — Kate Motherf'n Moss. Chick is a flat out Rock Star...tight tight tight gray jeans on , big dark sunglasses, talking and chain smoking cigarettes with a couple self important older women on the street before sitting in the back booth for lunch.... she drips with this edgy, punk rock Attitude. You can FEEL it. It's indescribable, really. The restaurant was definitely buzzing. As I was staring at her, feeling like a freak, I had this moment of clarity: there is NO WAY she is gonna stay sober. No possible way. 0% chance. She's on a different planet, and on that planet you can do whatever the fuck you want. This story ain't over...Did I mention she was freakishly breathtaking? I mean...damn.


So last night (Sunday 11/21) I was at the Animal Collective show at Webster Hall in the guest list/VIP area. A table was reserved for "Coco Schwab" (clearly a pseudonym—if you really wanted to be on the D.L., why not choose a name like Jim Smith or something???) but nobody showed up by the time the AC were taking the stage. My girlfriend and I pushed up to the table to get a better look. After about 5 minutes of music, some security goons come to make a perimeter for Coco, a.k.a. David Bowie. He was there with a handler/manager who seemed pretty bummed on the music. David was dressed in a tan hoodie, which made him look like an aging British hip-hop fan. Also: very short. He stayed for 15-20 minutes or so and then left. Soon after he left I had to take a leak and went down to the basement to do so. Once in the garish men's room I realized they were blasting "Heroes"—could it be that Bowie is pee-shy and needs to hear one of his own songs to do the deed? He wasn't at the urinals, but maybe he was in a stall? or maybe the whole thing was a coincidence...

I was at Marquee last night (Friday, 11/18) and in walked Britney Spears and Mr. Spears (aka Kevin Federline). They came in with a crew of about 20 people and were escorted upstairs. So of course I followed. She and Mr. Spears seemed happy and having a good time. She is shorter than I thought and he just looked plain trashy (corn rows, etc).


Was at marquee last night(11/17) with friends and it was a stalker orgy! p diddy was hosting a bash in the red room downstairs. eva longoria was there with friends (she's flippin adorable...great ass in jeans!) as well as many large black men. upstairs, derek jeter held court at a corner table with many athletic types and a bevy of pretty floosies. typical night at marquee!

So I'm getting help on my screwed-up project at my local yarn shop, Gotta Knit!, on Sixth Avenue between 12 and 13 streets, and who joins the table of needy crafters but Sarah Jessica Parker! She's working on a baby hat and blanket, and she's stuck, just like the rest of us. Dressed down in jeans and a long-sleeve purple t-shirt, she still looked great. And she was so nice, couldn't even resent her.

Spotted Kate Winslet and hubby Sam Mendes brunching in the outdoor cafe at Vento Trattoria on Sunday 11/20. Both were very unassuming and polite. Kate was totally make-up free and stunning.

Saw Russell Crowe in Soho yesterday during my lunch hour. He was standing on the corner of Prince and Greene, talking on his cell and looking around a bit frantically. He was wearing a baseball cap and very non-New York ski jacket but his sexy furrowed brow was immediately recognizable. Poor guy; I guess he's here for his phone-bashing court date.

spotted - Jason Lewis at Sundance party @ 26 on Wed swapping digits w/ Jamie Lynn Discala/Sigler

Wanted to submit a cool sighting this morning in SoHo. Saw Robin Williams this morning at the grand opening of the WIRED Store. Tricked out wearing MP3 glasses. Very friendly as usual.

Saw Frances McDormand at Freeman's on Thursday night (Nov. 18th) Stood on bathroom line with her while she randomly adjusted a picture frame on the wall. "Perfect!" she said after straightening it. She's adorable and has such a cheerful and easy-going way about her.

I saw Billy Bob hanging out in the back seat of his SUV with brunette, not as-hot-as Angela Jolie girlfriend. He had dark sun-glasses, looked hot and ready to be noticed. This was at 9th and 3rd Ave. Waiting for the red light to turn green, I spotted him and out of the blue, I found myself blowing kisses at him. Why and where that came from I have no idea. But he graciously receivied the praise via my hand gestures. I then started to crack up at myself in embarassement because I was throwing kisses at him! Then, i tell the tourists standing next to me to look over at Billy Bob. They get excited..."OOOH THAT'S ANGENILA's EX HUSSSBAND!!" I then yell at him ...."I had to tell then it's You. I'm sorry" wink wink ....flirt .....flirt. "Of course you did, he says back ..." flirt flirt...or at least I like to think he was flirting.

John Kerry at Gramercy Tavern last night (11/18). He was with another man I didn't recognize, and looked a lot better and more impressive in person. He seemed to be pretty low-key and nobody bothered him except for some man in a trench coat who came over to his table 3 times. Secret Service? Or just random stalker?

Jenna Bush was at Fat Baby Saturday night. She was with some girlfriends, drinking and enjoying the music. As a liberal New Yorker, I must say that I was pleasantly suprised by how lovely she was.

u2's "the Edge" was seen front row at Irving Plaza for last night's Echo & The Bunnymen show. Where's vh1 classic when you need them most?

Spotted a disheveled, bloated Mike Myers today (11/19) passing by the MoMa design store in Soho with a gay artiste-type friend. Couldn't decide if the companion was more Karl Lagerfeld or Andy Warhol but he definitely upped the hip factor of homeless-looking Austin Powers.

Friday: ABC Carpet and Home — Parker Posey, with her little dog that had a halo around it's head ... just came from the short haircut, seemed like she knew everybody there...looked stylish and put together, making people laugh, walking and talking fast... she seemed totally cool...definitely has a starlet persona. Owned the room. Then I went downstairs and saw that dude from Felicity, Scott Speedman, by himself, hoodie sweatshirt and everything, staring blankly at couches. Looked alone and very very bored...much different vibe than Ms. Posey, to say the least.

I saw Willem Dafoe, his little Italian wife, his son, and his son's girlfriend and friends coming out of a Japanese restaurant and divvying out cigarettes on Monday evening. Willem was short and carefully dressed up. He flashed some toothy grins, smooched his wife dramatically, and hailed a cab.

Big Boi from Outkast on my flight from LGA to ATL last night. Headed home to rest up before all the promo for "Idlewild", I suppose. Lots of Louis Vuitton but no fanfare. I was the only one with my jaw flapping open.

Saw Luke Wilson backstage at the Willie Nelson concert last night hanging out with Antonique Smith and another attractive lady (forgot her name). Antonique looked great. She complimented me on my shirt while Luke was trying to escape a crazy blonde fan. The blonde reminded me of the phrase "God doesn't give with both hands." Also saw Ryan Adams who was busy tying someone's (his father?) shoe.

I saw John Leguizamo with a crew in the subway terminal at Grand Central. They looked ready to film something — he was deliciously wee!

Crash Mansion on Friday: Ralph Fiennes and Gina Gershon came into see Maggie Kim and her band, who's apparently friendly with them. They were very nice and though they seemed to have been drinking previously, declined offers of drinks and freebies and stuck with bottled water for the show. They went right up to the front during Maggie's set and rocked out, then left shortly afterwards...

While standing in the concession line at the Loews Kips Bay theater to watch the new Harry Potter Friday night (11/28), directly in front of me was Anna Paquin and Kieran Culkin. I guess they are dating because they kept on kissing each other and flirting. Within one minute, they made four quick kisses. Macaulay's little brother sure did grow up and looked more like a homeless kid than a celebrity. He looked heavier than normal and had long stringy brown hair. He wore a hooded sweat shirt with the hood over his head. Anna was wearing a purple puffy ski coat that made her look like cotton candy and wore a black snow cap with a big furry ball on it. Not sure what movie they were going to watch but she got an Icee drink and he got nothing.

At the new location of Vynl restaurant, on Friday a little after 7 p.m., I saw Stephen Colbert, of the Colbert Report, was dining with his family. And Celia Keenan-Bolger, nominated for a Tony earlier this year, was leaving the restaurant, probably to get ready for the 8 p.m. performance of "Spelling Bee."

Friday morning around 8:50, saw Bradley Cooper of Kitchen Confidential and Alias hailing a cab on 8th Ave by Jane Street. What a handsome guy.

Saw Jason Priestley, Wednesday [11/16], and fellow stud cast members filming a scene for the upcoming t.v. show 'Love Monkey'. They noshed a slice in the rain outside Famous Ben's Pizza on Spring Street. No matter how many people say how short Priestley is, you will never understand until you see him in person. However, it was a very attractive cast of men.

Liz Smith lunchng with a very relaxed and mellow looking ex- cnner Aaron Brown At Michaels.

At the 11/18 performance of "Sweeney Todd," a bumper crop just in time for Thanksgiving. David Geffen, looking all Corinthian leathery in Crockett-and-Tubbs t-shirt/suit get-up, and a positively haggard Calvin Klein. Gordon Clapp (Medavoy from NYPD Blue) looked like a nice suburban dad, was pleasant with well-wishers. But the (personal) stunner of the night was Ralph Fiennes. Way shorter than I thought (5'9" tops?) and thinning on top. Face still relatively intact. Looks like the general hotness died with what's-her-name in "English Patient."

Was having dinner at Pastis, John Legend sat right next to me with some girl talking about his favorite vegetable. Which is Broccoli.

Saw Michael Pitt at 169 Bar on Saturday night, taking in local bands Stylofone, Aloke, The Octagon, something else. He had his girlfriend in tow, of course, and still seems intent on living out his Kurt Cobain fantasies through his hair, which is still blonde and cut in the Jordan-Catalano-grunge-era shag from Last Days. His face looks unusually small in person, which makes those lips look even chubbier. Yum!

We were at Pegu on Friday night (11/18) and spotted a large bald gentleman at the end of the bar, enjoying one of the complex cocktails. My eagle-eyed friend (who does work for a talent agency, after all) rightfully pointed out that it was Michael Chiklis, of "The Shield" and "Fantastic Four" fame.

Sunday afternoon, Anthony Rapp, soon to be reprising the role of Mark in the movie version of "Rent," walking north along Seventh Avenue. He was wearing these big, sorta goofy-looking headphones.

Around 2pm on Saturday I saw Richard Belzer of Law and Order SVU fame walking his dog down Broadway at 68th Street. He looks exactly like he looks on TV, down to the tinted glasses.

Saw Justin Chambers (11/20), smokin hot Alex the intern from Grey s Anatomy, smoking a cig while on his cell in front of my building on 39th & 9th. I think he was doing brunch at HK. I would have stared longer as he was tanned, butch, and beautiful. But I was in poor form wearing sweats and doing laundry, didn t want to scare the dude. PS I think it is cool to see a tv doc smoke, that means it isn t bad for you despite that pesky Surgeon General.

Last night (11/17) after packing into a minivantaxi, spotted uber-hunk Bobby Cannavale on the corner of 6th Avenue and whatever block the Hilton's on in midtown. "It's Bobby Cannavale!" I screamed to my friends in town from LA. Blank stares from the lot of them. "You know, he was in that movie with the train station and the munchkin." (At that point in the evening I had had one too many beers to be PC). They turned around, frantically trying to get a look as the taxi turned the corner. "No, he wasn't the munchkin, he was the cart coffee guy." "Oh..." they replied, dejected. Philistines.