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• So who's the well-hung former wrestler turned successful gay writer trolling for bottoms on Craigslist? Guesses include Augusten Burroughs, Alex Halberstadt, Aaron Krach, Brad Gooch, and, um, Gore Vidal. One of you is going to have to go undercover and figure this shit out, for real. [Gawker]
• We can't get enough of "hardcore" rapper 50 Cent's photos for GQ's People of the Year feature. So delightfully emasculating! []
• Columbia students are "gonna f— this bondage we call clothing and party like the savages we really are." Yes! Ivy-league, UWS, trust-funded savages! [NY Sun]
• Start preparing now for your Thursday Thanksgiving binge: eat a shitload today, and shit a lot tomorrow. [Thrillist]
• Are the Scientologists coordinating a Craigslist invasion? [Craigslist x 3]