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When it comes to setting a firm wedding date with Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise is very much of the "what's the rush?" philosophy. Gone are the devil may care couch acrobatics of yestermonth. Instead, we find a new, measured Tom, a Tom of reason, who before making any rash "official" gestures, appears to be taking the wait-and-see approach to the little bundle of, um, something on the way.

The new issue of People mag, on stands Friday, reports that Tom reveals that he and Katie Holmes will actually wed after their baby is born possibly next summer or early fall but no date is set yet!

The star also revealed that he bought his own sonogram machine so he can follow the baby's progress. According to People, a sonogram actually costs anywhere between $15,000 to $200,000! Tom also says once he and Katie's bundle of joy is born, he will donate the machine to a hospital.

Imagine one day, pictures of your own unborn child might be captured by the very same sonogram machine that Cruise ran along Katie Holmes' jelly-coated stomach, obsessively capturing every phase of his spawn's prenatal physical development. There's no way to explain the feeling you get when this miracle technology strips away the inconvenient, perfume-suffused outer layer of your contractual birthing vessel and allows you a breathtaking view of your child's ten tiny, perfect fingers and toes. It's enough to make an alpha dad-to-be weep with joy.