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We've asked our media lords what they're thankful for, and they actually responded. First up, NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams:

I am thankful for chewy Cherry-Mint-flavored Tamiflu.

Times Op-Ed diva and man-lover Maureen Dowd's thankful desperation:

I'm thankful that my book tour is almost over; otherwise I'd have to plunge a steak knife through my heart.

And the rehabbed thoughts of Oprah's Book Club star James Frey:

I'm thankful for my wife; my little girl — she makes me laugh, smile, breaks my heart every day; I'm thankful for Oprah's generosity; for my friends, for the improvements shown by the Cleveland Indians, Browns and Cavaliers. I'm thankful for my new mink coat, my old truck that still runs, my doggies my doggies. I'm thankful for Fresh Direct, for Babbo, for the new Taco Bell on Chambers St. I'm thankful for my bike, though not I'm not thankful for the asshole who stole my tire and my seat.