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We asked a bunch of media folks why they're thankful on this Thanksgiving, and many of them told us. Here, the media reporters. We start with the Observer boys, and, first, Gabe Sherman:

There is so much to be thankful for this year! As I sit down for a heaping plate of Tofurky, I'll say thanks for the past 12 months that brought us Thursday Styles, Men's Vogue and Judy Miller! But the joy of the media wouldn't tell the whole story if I didn't take a moment to be thankful for friends, family and co-workers. L'chaim!

And, more goyishly, Tom Scocca:

I am thankful for the BLT from Shine Deli. White toast, please, and mayo. I am also thankful for Joyce Wadler and for the newsstand under the Flushing Main Street LIRR tracks where I get my Sunday papers.

Marketwatcher Jon Friedman:

After seeing the cruel fates that Judy Miller, Maureen Dowd and Bob Woodward have suffered so far in 2005, I guess I should be VERY thankful that I never won a Pulitzer — the friggin' prize must be jinxed! Seriously, I'm thankful that the media performed so well in New Orleans — and contributed a rare showing of dignity amid journalism's rubble this year.

WWD goliath Jeff Bercovici:

I am thankful Kent Brownridge doesn't read my expense reports.

Advertising Age Media Guy Simon Dumenco:

Right now, as of this very moment, I'm thankful for my DVR and for Family Guy reruns. And for what Ted Koppel did for 25 years. And for Joan Didion's The Year of Magical Thinking. And for the Firefox web browser, with the "ScrapBook" plug-in. And, as always, for Pat Kiernan doing NY1's "In the Papers" on Time Warner Cable in Manhattan. And, what the hell, for Gawker. God bless us, everyone!

And, for Simon, NY1's Pat Kiernan:

I'm thankful for the MTA weekend discount that is about to go into effect. With this "two for one" deal, and the fact that it usually takes twice as long to get somewhere on the subway on a Sunday, now it will feel like I'm getting four times my money's worth!