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A spy on the Sunset Gower lot, where George Clooney is currently working on reshoots for his latest movie, sends along this cameraphone pic and a quick note about the actor's current, and decidedly unpimped, ride:

When Clooney doesn't require the spaciousness his Mini Cooper provides, he putts to work in this, as seen outside of his trailer on the set of The Good German. Puts Spidey Maguire's BMW 7 series next door to shame. Check out those badass 9-inch rims!

We can picture infamous prankster Clooney teaching young Maguire a lesson about the environment by letting the air out of his co-star's comparatively gas-guzzling Beemer's tires, furiously turning the crank on the front of his tiny getaway car, and then silently rolling into the night to the sound of his own delighted, eco-friendly giggles.