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Because cooking up a batch of delicious yams to show our gratitude to all of you would be both time and cost prohibitive, we hope you'll all instead accept our love in the form of this special edition Eva Longoria Thanksgiving e-card. We'll be back on Friday, but in the meantime, enjoy a smattering of links:

· David Cross offers his thoughts on his doppleganger, on the not-unexpected cancellation of the beloved Arrested Development, and on why her prefers NY to sunny Los Angeles.
· As a matter of fact, the Libertine Double-Penetration Brownies sound strangely delicious.
· Hey, unicorns!
· Because there's nothing more dangerous than a gambler with nothing to lose, please enjoy the much-lamented Oddjack's recent posts on the "next seasons" of The Facts of Life and Dawson's Creek, and this one on whitefish salad, snack of champions. Dammit, we miss him already!