'New York' Scoops 'Times' on Gay-Cruising Beat

Before we're done celebrating New York Day here at Gawker HQ, we'd be remiss if we didn't point you to an odd front-of-book brief in this week's mag, this one detailing some unplanned goings-on at the Time Warner Center mall:

It seems gay men might be picking up more than just Cole Haan loafers at the Time Warner Center — especially in the third-floor restroom. Ryan Haase, who works nearby, recently detected an "air of ill repute" when he saw several men at the urinals. "They all turned and looked at me almost in unison," he says. "I went to wash my hands. No one had moved." A shopboy says rumors of the rendezvous spot have circulated for about a year colleagues reported "uncomfortable sounds coming from the stalls" — and a blogger called spriteboy pinpointed it as "a cruising spot," adding, "Ohhh nobody even needs to know the scandal my eyes witnessed today."

We find this a curious item for two reasons. First, because we can't figure out at what point gay men cruising at suburban-mall restrooms became, you know, news.

But, second, and more important, because to whatever extent it is news, shouldn't — as Dumenco argued in Details last week — the Times have been first to this story?

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