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A few weeks ago our new (and, we're sure fleeting) hero, Lloyd Grove, carried word of one David H. Brooks, a Long Island gazillionaire looking — at that point, not so successfully — for big-name musical acts for his daughter's bat mitzvah. Well, the big day arrived this weekend, and blogger and comedian Susie Felber has the inside scoop on who ended up performing:

More EXCLUSIVE 411 on the fancy pants Rainbow Room Bat Mitzvah my brother worked on Thanksgiving...

Here's the scoop on who actually performed:
The Eagles
50 Cent
Nelly (word was this was last minute)

...and more, but he didn't recall the others.

You'll be even more pleased to learn that not only did Moneybags Brooks spend God knows what on the artists who performed, but he also stiffed the hourly support staff on wages and food during their marathon shifts.

He also said a kiddush and then downed a goblet filled with the blood of Christian children, just to make sure no objectionable Jewish stereotype went unfulfilled.

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